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The Sawtooh Grin - Jabberwocky



I can’t believe we get to do this AGAIN! The Sawtoothaissance shows no sign of stopping. Not only have they set out to top the impossible task of topping Good., but by God they might just have done it! It’s different, but for any discerning Sawtoothophile you know this is the one. It’s 2024, and The Sawtooth Grin are here with literally Jabberwocky! Ahh!!!! 

I cannot believe the trajectory of The Sawtooth Grin at this point. I certainly don’t need to wax poetic about the Sawtooth discography at this point - WV IS Sawtooth as far as I’m concerned. Sawtooth has shaped this label from inception - Cuddlemonster was the first release to sell out. Pervavor fully solidified the WV model. Good. was the first brand new release I ever did, and kind of set the stage for a lot of what I’m doing today. I owe everything to the fellas in Sawtooth, and I can’t say that I don’t enjoy being the unofficial home of Sawtooth over here. I mean, with this release we’re up to SIX Rich Lombardi releases on WV, haha. Utterly insane! I can’t wait to do it again! 

Yes, I can confidently say that Sawtooth has never sounded better. That even though people have been waiting for Jabberwocky to be completed for 20 years, and that expectation are impossibly high, that this reimagining and completion of Jabberwocky is better than you could have ever dreamed. It’s Sawtooth at their most mature, doing songs that are their most fun. Its this impossible dichotomy. An unreal hybrid of everything that any era Sawtooth fan will love. Its a love letter to the past and a nod to the future. Sawtooth has a way of making you take off those rose colored glasses and like, experience what they’re trying to show you in current year. I’ve never seen a band be so succinct and deliberate in their presentation of material. Like, you know EXACTLY what they were trying to do with the Jabberwocky completion AND its successful. So so so rare. 

For this release, we had to blow the doors off of it again from an art and packaging perspective. The art itself was handled by Mike Gaffney - illustrator and long time friend of the band. Its a brooding and spooky materialization of the the Jabberwocky, and if you are in your 30s, I know for a fact you’re picking up on the very specific, nostalgia vibes its putting down. Just makes me sad and like, emotional just looking at it. I think this cover, accomplishes a lot with its color palette and like, IYKYK. If you’re a late 80s/90s kid, you’ll feel what Sawtooth is putting down with this

For the packaging itself, we wanted to usurp Good as much as we could and really keep the bespoke quality of Sawtooth releases going. This packaging will be bound in gold foil to harken back to the gold spine children’s books of yesteryear. Very ornate, such a fun little flourish. It’ll have a huge booklet again and all the trimmings as well. Yes, it’s a lil EP here, but I wanted to make sure it was presented with as much panache as possible - its Jabberwocky after all! 

Anyway. I’m so happy that Sawtooth is back, Jabberwocky is done, and that WV gets to do some records. I want to make these boys $5,000,000 so they can retire off Sawtooth records. I appreciate everyone showing up and grabbing something! Its going to be a fun one! I’ll be dropping the full EP later, just enjoy the art and know that its going to be good! 

50 A Cloud, A Cauldron, A Sig (Wax Vessel Signature)
50 Sig Recluse (Wax Vessel Signature)
50 The Tableau Sigs Violence (Wax Vessel Signature)
50 Demeter the Sleeping Sig (Wax Vessel Signature)
100 Lombardi Special (Wax Vessel Handmade)
200 Beamish Boy (Nonsig) (100 to be sold by band)
??? William the Cutler - Open Preorder 180g Natural PVC

All of this housed in:
1.5x thickness Matte gatefold jackets
Gold Foil Spine Printing 
Full 8 page Booklet
Black polylined innersleeves
Gold foil numbering
Stuffed into polybags
Hype Sticker’d
Custom WV Mailers
Matching WV Album art sticker

These records will ship in 2024. Thats all the more specific I’m going to be. If you ask me for an update, I’m just goin to cancel your order. Please don’t act like this isn’t my 80th title, and that the preorder isn’t goin to ship. You’ll get your record, relax! If you can’t handle a preorder (that will probably ship in September) then DON’T buy it. PREORDER PREORDER PREORDER

This will be a preorder and it will be up for two weeks! Had to be a preorder, because its a one time pressing, and I’ll just be making however many are sold. Same as Good. - once these are gone, they’re gone! 

Preorder will last until March 29th at midnight!