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The best (and basically only) place to get updates on shipping timelines is the Wax Vessel Facebook page. Post will be made when orders are dropped off.

My USPS drop-off location is the state’s reginal distribution center. It is a huge dystopian nightmare. They DO NOT do origination scans. 99/100 times, the first scan or update on your package will be when it reaches YOUR state depo. This has been the case for literally three years at this point. So to answer some frequently asked questions:

No, it is not weird that it hasn’t be scanned in yet.
Yes, I did drop yours off when I dropped the other 299 off
No, there is nothing I can do to get it scanned in
• I understand the tracking number shows “USPS awaiting item”. That is because it hasn’t been scanned in yet.

There is nothing I can do/will do about it. If you are not comfortable with this, DO NOT buy anything. This has once again, been the case since WV’s inception. I promise your circumstance is not a special circumstance.


• If your tracking number doesn’t update after 30 days, you will get a refund or replacement copy pending availability. Simple as that. 30 days is the cutoff. If you request a shipping update in any way before 30 days, then you will get an immediate refund and be barred from ordering anyting in the future. It is 100% binary. There is no efficacy to the situation. If it is before 30 days, no matter how innocuous the question, you’ll be refunded and barred. If its after 30 days, I will kiss your ass nonstop because that means I have not gotten you’re your deliverable that you paid for, which is unacceptable. You are 100% in the right if you have no tracking update after 30 days and I WILL make it right. But only after 30 days.


• If you wish to update your address for any/all orders, you MUST compile all the order numbers and send me an email. The email must be sent to Please include the order numbers, and the FULL new address you want everything sent to. That’s it! If you message me on my personal Facebook asking to change your shipping address, I’m going to ignore it.