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If you’re reading this, you have secured a WaxBux™ with your purchase of some cool Merch Vessel merch! What are WaxBux™? What can you do with them? What are they for? It’s all quite convoluted and intentionally difficult!

I was so tired of losers constantly bitching that people who are “TRVE FANS” were unable to get copies of records, and that they only went to “flippers and bots”. So, here’s your chance to literally get records for being a fan.

Every merch order placed will come with WaxBux™. These WaxBux™ can then be redeemed for stuff! So, if you’re a WV fan buying a shirt, or a big fan of a band buying ALL their merch, or if you’re just a casual dude who grabbed a shirt here or there, you can save up those WaxBux™ for some cool perks!

For instance:

  • Jacket number of your choice (pending availability) 3
  • Spoiler for the next drop (if you spoil this, you will not get it) 3
  • Free digital download 3
  • Double sticker on your order 3
  • I’ll ship your next order as early as possible and first 6
  • Blank/Extra Jacket (pending availability) 6
  • Upgrade your merch order to a mage shirt 6
  • Overrun copy (pending availability) 9
  • Free tee shirt 12
  • Early access link 12
  • Upgrade your (already ordered) order to a signature series 12
  • Secure a copy of a sold out preorder 12
  • Variant of your choice for free (may exclude certain releases) 21
  • Random test press 30
  • Member mage 30
  • I will press an album of your choice 3,000

And this is just the beginning! More will be added as people say what kind of stuff they want to have. I know it’s corny as hell, but I think it could be fun! And if you’re buying merch anyway (no, I won’t be selling WaxBux™ for literal cash, don’t be weird) then it’s just a cool bonus for the records. Synergy!

So! When you have your WaxBux™ and you see a release get announced that you want to redeem for, just cram those WaxBux™ in to an envelope and mail them box-top style to:

PO Box to be announced shortly!

Also, please email me beforehand to check availability on some stuff. All of these perks are obviously limited to stock I have on hand/amount of people redeeming. Please be cool and have fun!