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Pains - Old Blood


How can I be from Chicago and bean absolute Kingmaker meatrider without being a Pains fan? Well, that was my exact pipeline to getting to this point! I remember when Kingmaker called it quits and made the standard “check out this band with members of Kingmaker” post. Except, it wasn’t like Kingmaker? It was like, really fucked up and serious? Like, when I saw the art for Drown the Earth I knew that this was going to be a certified classic. Absolutely bonkers EP of just like, the most fervent grindy death metal with this sick kind of metallic hardcore overtone. I don’t want to say genre-bending stuff, but what do you call this much d-beat influence at a ZBR show? Right? Like, dynamos! Smart guy stuff!

This one-time pressing is limited to 300 copies across 5 variants:

50 Siglical Violence (Wax Vessel Signature)
50 Bite the Sig (Wax Vessel Signature)
50 Sigdistic Obsessions (Wax Vessel Signature)
50 You Lose (Wax Vessel Signature)
50 Band Exclusive (Handmade)

All of this housed in:
1.5x thickness Matte gatefold jackets
Double sided matte full color insert
Black polylined innersleeves
Gold foil numbering
Stuffed into polybags
Hype Sticker’d
Custom WV Mailers
Matching WV Album art sticker

See ya for orders on Thursday, 1/18 at 1:00pm CST. This is an insta and they'll be shipping ASAP!