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So Nick and I have been wanting to do one of these for a LONG time. Violent Gentlemen and a few other shops I really respect have a similar mechanic and I've been obsessed since I learned of it!

No more cheap imitation cardboard Waxcoins, we finally did the real thing. 60 made and only 50 available for sale. One of the rarest collectibles we'll ever do, BUT, it's more than that. With your Waxcoin, you possess the ability to trade it in for a Sig of your choice on any drop. Message me the day of announcement and say you want to cash in. On drop day, you will be permitted one Signature Series record of your choice! That's it! Any drop for the rest of the catalog. Once your record is claimed, you MUST send your coin in, and it must be received before your record will be dispatched to you. When we receive a coin in exchange for a record, the coin will be relisted on the website so someone else can snag it. Keep it and cherish it, or trade it in for a record. The choice is yours! Each coin is numbered individually, and we will be able to follow them along their journey of exchanging hands.

These are HUGE and made of real metal. Fully bespoke and just incredible quality. Just thought it would be a fun mechanic! Doesn't replace WaxBux by any means, but with these everything is included. Mail it in, I mail you a record. No money involved!

*This is just a mockup of the coin, as the actual coins are not in hand yet (of course).