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Wax Vessel - WVR "Dipped" Shirt


5 years of Wax Vessel calls for some special items. Just a few quick little things, limited as always. Enjoy!

For this anniversary, I really wanted to pay homage to Zegema Beach Records. The Dave’s were there for me right at the beginning, and I honestly owe them so much.

Never to be printed again!

As an homage to the wild color variations on ZBR tapes, we wanted to do the same for a limited shirt variant! LIMITED TO 50.

These are printed on white and mint crystal dyed tees. Due to the dyed nature of these shirts, color patterns will vary from shirt to shirt.

To try and better improve turnaround times, if some sizes are simply unavailable for an extended period of time, brand may be substituted.

We're still seeing some effects on stock availability, but some things are starting to look up. We're going to continue conservatively estimating up to 7 weeks for production and shipping. It's always a coin toss with how fast we can get blanks, but we're moving as fast as stock allows.

Because these are printed to order, we are unfortunately unable to accept any refunds or exchanges on items. Thank you for your understanding.