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Wax Vessel - Archive Sticker Pack (25)

This is it. This is the big boy. This will most likely be your last chance to grab the entire back catalog of teeth stickers. I know, I know, $50 for a pack of stickers? Well, we've done everything we can to make these as special as possible. Not only does this come with one of every album art sticker we've done so far, but they come in hand numbered and labeled storage tins. We've been sure to load this one with some extra stuff to make it extra fun! We only made 25 of this bundle, and there will definitely be some things in here you won't get anywhere else. These are opulent as all hell.

Never to be made again!

We've got the whole squad here, grab this pack featuring stickers from : The Heartland, Destroyer Destroyer (x2!), The Sawtooth Grin, Robinson, Tower Of Rome, Dr. Acula, A Black Rose Burial, Dance Club Massacre, Cloacal Kiss, Me And Him Call It Us, Rose Funeral, 2 O'Clock Girlfriend, The Partisan Turbine, I Declare War, Duck Duck Goose, OH!, Serration, Rowsdower, The Great Redneck Hope, See You Next Tuesday. Thumbscrew, Everything Falls Together, and Machinist! Lots of extras here too, so don't miss out!

These have already been acquired and printed, so they should be shipping out within the next week!

Because these are printed to order, we are unfortunately unable to accept any refunds or exchanges on items. Thank you for your understanding.

Available Friday, June 25th at 1pm CST.