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Tower Of Rome - Discography


WV006 - Tower of Rome/Discography

It’s the real-deal folks. It’s here, and it looks INSANE. Scene Kings and overall grind champions “Tower of Rome” finally have their collected works on vinyl for the first and only time. Now, before we get in to the art and variants (which oh boy will we) lets talk about this band, why they’re so crucial, and what went in to this release.
Honestly, I can’t give any context better than the band can themselves. Go check their Instagram and other social media platforms. To try and sum up TOR would be an injustice. They’re genre defining. From the overly-long, inside joke-y song titles, to the 1 minute runtimes – they’re just peak MySpace. They toured with EVERYONE. They played HARD. They exemplified the actual shows and scene that we came to expect from the time period. No record will ever be able to capture that, but this is our attempt to. They were the hardest working, most underappreciated band that I know. It’s scenegrind with breakdowns – what’s not to love?

As TOR are scene exemplars, we thought we’d spice this release up bit. The artwork (once again by the incredible Ben Hoagland) is a sprawling, continuous work that borrows from every cover they had. The Christ Redeemers, the cops, stamps and tally marks. This thing is loaded with asides and Easter-eggs. Not only that, but since it is a “discography” release, it comes with a beautiful matte insert full of old band and show photos! Definitely expect this in future WV discography releases as well!
Even though the entire runtime of their discography can fit comfortably on one LP (why milk the price just to make it a gatefold 2xLP) it is not short on sonics or character. The trash can snare has been perfectly preserved – all the transitions and noodle-ly-ness captured straight from the lossless source material. I promise this sounds as incredible as it looks. And speaking of looks…
Would you look at these fucking variants???

30 on “Vulgar Display of Pinwheel” natural PVC with black pinwheel.
70 on “Variants That Aren’t Splatter Gross Me Out To The Max” ulraclear with white and black extreme splatter.
100 on “This is a Variant That Looks Like a Ghost” natural PVC
5 test presses on black
5 wax mage copies

All of this housed in 1.5x thickness, matte, heavy cardstock sleeve.
Archival inner sleeves.
Individually sequential gold foil numbering.
Double sided insert of band photos.
Hand-stuffed (by the band) bonus material insert.
Stuffed in polybags.
Full Discography download codes included.

As always, this will be a one-time pressing. Cop now or forever hold your peace!
I also want to use this post (as always) to really, really thank everyone at TOR for letting us do this. It’s a seminal discography, and that fact that they’re letting us touch this still gets me fucking amped. They say never meet your heroes – but I’m glad I did in this instance. They really drove the art process, but still let me put a WV spin on it. Endlessly accommodating. I’m so happy with how these turned out, and I know you will be too!