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The Partisan Turbine - Surgical Assault

That’s right! New announcement Monday! I am so absolutely FLOORED to announce that the next Wax Vessel release and WV013 is The Partisan Turbine!

When deathcore was making the rounds and bubbling up from the vowels of MySpace, there were a few bands that went in a less playful, more “brutal” direction (think Waking The Cadaver, ABACABB, Trenchhead, etc). I think TPT are the best example of early deathcore diverging in to what today I would call false-slam or “brutal slamming deathcore.” Guttural and bree’s on top of blast beats and breakdowns - but without the “slams” and with a bit more riff. I mean, this EP has a jazz interlude!

But enough with the genre jargon!
This is an important one because not only is it a scene classic, but the CD is a rare collectible! It’s a crossover hit from back in the days when “killing whores” was cool, and the name of the game was just trying to be as gross and extreme as possible. It’s a no hold barred assault on the senses, with some of the best breakdowns and hardest vocals. If you’re not familiar, you’re in for a treat! It’s really one of the flagship bands, from one of the main branches of extreme MySpace genres.

Art is once again by the legendary Ben Hoagland Art & Design LLC, and was done in collaboration with the band! It’s a more VHS horror take on the art similar to Dr. Acula. It will come with a lyric insert (CW on that - it has a forward about the lyrics, it’s definitely not how anyone feels in 2020. I think context is important here) and sequential gold numbering!

The audio has been sourced from the highest quality sources available, and made to sound incredible on these records. It is up on iTunes and Spotify as we speak! And is up on bandcamp as the lossless WAV!

Surgical Assault will be limited to 200 copies across three compelling variants:

50 “Surgical Assault” XXX Wax Vessel Signature

50 “Quantum” Stripe-smash Wax Vessel Signature

100 “Vast Illumination” Metallic Gold Flake