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The Heartland - The Stars Outnumber The Dead


WV002 - THE HEARTLAND ‘The Stars Outnumber the Dead’

For our second release, I’m so excited and proud to bring you the incredible, the genre defining, the flawless “The Stars Outnumber The Dead” by the one and only The Heartland.

Getting to press this album on vinyl was one of the reasons behind starting Wax Vessel in the first place for me - and the fact that we get to do it with the label that original released this album is truly outstanding! The legendary Creep Records has graciously decided to work with us on releasing this masterpiece on vinyl for the first time.

VW002 is strictly limited to 200 copies. 100 on “dead planet splatter” and 100 on “blood nebula”. Both of these variants are going to be mind-blowing, and will be available in our respective stores. Shipping starts mid to late September.

Thanks again to Benjamin Hoagland Art & Design for the artwork.

Double thanks to Jonathan and the Heartland for allowing us nerds to run with their music, and thanks to Arik at Creep Records Store for being so easygoing about this process, and letting us be apart of this legendary release!