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The Great Redneck Hope - Live + Cross The Line


So I know I’ve been talking about Sasstober for awhile, so how about something finally gets unveiled? Let’s cut right to the chase - it’s THE GREAT REDNECK HOPE!!!!!!

I think you’d be hard pressed to find a more influential band. They absolutely defined the MySpace era of whitebelt gird. They pioneered and made every trend their own. If there’s a modern violence/techgrind/screamo-leaning mathcore band you enjoy in 2020, there is a 100% chance that everyone in that band love TGRH.

The noodles were otherworldly. The shrieks were genre defining. The song titles were 700 characters long (and super homophobic, but, again, it was the early 2000s). All the songs were a minute and the art was collage-y. Like it literally checks every box. And all of those boxes exist to be checked because of TGRH.

Honestly I’m just kind of embarrassing myself with this superfluous writeup, because literally everyone loves TGRH. And if you don’t, this collection of works probably won’t change your mind. Go listen to Fuck Thunder!

So all that being said - what IS this release? Well, all of their seminal works are on vinyl already. So in the spirit of “no represses”, I had to look deeper (because I wanted to work with them so so badly). WV is a collector label, and I’m trying to enrich the vinyl market, not capitalize on a bunch of represses. So the band and I really had to think about what we could do.

So! The bands ever elusive “Cross The Line” demo (originally on a 3” CDR that no one has) was the obvious choice. But it doesn’t really sound like TGRH (don’t let the song titles fool you, the signature vocals are not fully fleshed out yet). It’s a great piece of scene history, so I’m happy it can be on wax, but definitely not the be all end all TGRH experience.

Luckily, we were able to track down a live board set for WIUW Radio in Chicago! It’s AMAZING sounding live material, and really captures the energy the band had back in the day. It’s raw, listenable, and hits a lot of the hits!

So for the first and only time on vinyl, I’m happy to present Cross the Line + “Live” - The Great Redneck Hope early Discog! 300 copies across 5 amazing variants. Art was concocted from scratch by Ben Hoagland in collaboration with the band. Black for CTL, horse skeletons for you know the reason why. I think it turned out great!

 50 "Putting The Signature Back in Series" Mystery Wax Vessel Signature

50 "Buy Turkey, Buy" Wax Vessel Signature

50 "Dad Stabber" Wax Vessel Signature

50 "Jackrabbit" double splatter

100 "Graboid" natural PVC swirl

All of this housed in:
1.5x thickness Matte single pocket jackets
Double sided matte full color insert
Black polylined innersleeves
Gold foil numbering
Stuffed into polybags


Audio completely remixed and remastered by Zach Sebastian at Third Eye Studios. Digital downloads, stickers, etc will be included. Master tracks will be available for $1 on release day!

So there it is! One of the “big 5” that’s finally ready to drop! This will go live on Friday, October 2nd at 1:00pm CST. This will be a preorder, and will probably be shipping right at the beginning of 2021!