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Serration - Shrine Of Consciousness

I think all of you can trace all of these modern bands we love back by a common thread. Scene beget scene. Old inspires new. The type people making the music we live haven’t changed, but the times have. While I generally try to deal in nostalgia and shine a light on influential bands for me/the scene, I think it important to also highlight current trends and bands pushing boundaries.

I’d like to “introduce” Serration as the very first in the Wax Vessel “Just Missed Series”. These grants just dropped a new single on the back of an impressive catalog of work. And while I think that tape labels will forever be the arbiters of taste and on the forefront of breaking bands, I think it’s important to use this platform to also try and highlight some modern stuff that I think is cool!

Serration is everything you love about the modern metalcore revival. But better. More aggressive. More earnest, and taking some harder lines. It’s that “polished unpolished” band that should be way bigger than they are. They’re directed, have a sound, their snare sounds fucking sick, and it just oozes energy. It’s the expression of aggression that we all love from 2008, but the repackaging has been repackaged.

I think if these “MySpace” bands had been around in 2020, some would be making music like this. It’s a decades worth it context in heavy music built off breakdown and weedly guitars. It’s emphatic and fun. It’s playing in a basement show and kicking your ass with your friends. I think we’ll all lock back on 2018-2022 and remember the “metalcore revival” scene fondly. Join me in putting a little piece of it in amber!

This JMI will be a remastered collection of their previous works “Shrine of Eternal Life”, “Ease Yourself Back in to Consciousness” and their brand new single. I’m so honored that they’re allowing me to ruin their chances of making more money of this back catalog and do something cool for all the collectors out there. I’m so happy to present “Shrine of Consciousness”!

When I say remastered, I mean it. It’s the “Golden Ash” production on their whole back-discography. It’s meaner and ping-ier than ever. Art is an amalgam of their previous covers with that 2020 twist thanks again to Ben Hoagland!

This release will be a one time pressing, limited to 200 copies across three incredible variants:

50 “Cold Year” Negative, Negative Space Wax Vessel Signature Series

50 “Event Horizon” Mystery Wax Vessel Signature Series

100 “Golden Ash” transparent beer with red splatter

All of this housed in:
1.5x thickness, matte, heavy cardstock sleeve.
Archival inner sleeves.
Individually sequential gold foil numbering.
Stuffed in polybags.
Download codes included.
This will be a preorder, and it will be a short one! Orders go up Friday, September 4th at 1:00pm CST.