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Rose Funeral - Hockey Jersey



Surprise! It WAS Rose Funeral we were planning the drop for. I'm sorry to everyone I lied to for weeks about this. We wanted this to be as big of a surprise for you as it was for us to get the call. Unbelievable to be doing a run for this staple in the deathcore scene.

Never to be printed again!

It's rare to be able to find an "authentic" on ice quality jersey from a pro team for under $200. This jersey is the same style and caliber as the ones the pros wear, and that you can walk into your local arena and buy. Completely custom from the ground up with tackle twill patches and embroidery. Every aspect has been scrutinized by us and the band to make sure it's up to expectations. These things are insane, and are one of the highest quality jerseys we've ever seen offered by a band.

Sizing on hockey jerseys can be a bit funky, but we would recommend ordering the same size as your t-shirt size, or even a size below if you don't plan on layering with the jersey. Please refer to the provided sizing chart if you have any questions.

PLEASE order this in a completely separate order than any other piece of merch. These could take 12-14 weeks to produce and have in hand, and we don't want to have to hold other orders that long. We'll keep everyone updated on progress of these as they come along. If you order a jersey with other items, we will cancel your order (you're free to order again, but please keep the jersey separate).

Because these are printed to order, we are unfortunately unable to accept any refunds or exchanges on items. Thank you for your understanding.


Available until Friday, December 4th at 12pm CST.


Jersey care instructions: Wash inside out in cold water on lowest setting. Use mild detergent only. Do NOT bleach. Lay flat to dry immediately after washing. Do NOT machine dry.