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Rose Funeral - Crucify.Kill.Rot.


Would you have believed me if I said WV016 was Rose Funeral??!

I’m sure I don’t even need to introduce this band. They’re legends. Genre-defining. Hometown heroes (go Cincinnati!) and all around brutal divas. It’s absolutely astounding that we live in a timeline where the stars have aligned to allow this release to happen. I’m so incredibly happy to present for the first and ONLY time on vinyl: CRUCIFY.KILL.ROT. in all its glory!

Remember that black binder of CDs you used to keep in your car and flip through? Remember going to FYE and buying this CD and then never taking it out of your car because you and your friends couldn’t stop head banging to Sledgehammer Face-Lift? Like this album DEFINED suburban deathcore kid. It’s fucking mallcore Mount Rushmore. This was MySpacecore incarnate. NOTHING went harder than this when it dropped.

This album is just steeped in so much nostalgia. The programmed drums and inverted crosses are just so over the top. The lyrics are disgusting (and totally fitting for early 2000s, it was a different time, context is key here) and the vocals are so raw and rough and cool. NO ONE plays riffs like CKR anymore - that Ohio-style melodic riff salad with slow breakdowns on top. No album did it better!

This CD has been a scene collectible for ages, and I’m so happy to give this the vinyl treatment. Stuff like this is EXACTLY why I wanted to do Wax Vessel; to take rare collectors items and make them even rarer on vinyl! Of course, they’re also pressed from lossless audio, mastered for vinyl. It sounds INCREDIBLE (you’ll never have to listen to this on youtube again, I swear).

The whole original lineup came together and made this a reality. Blessing was given from S.O.A.R. and Jamie himself. The current roster is aware and on board. It’s literally a fully sanctioned Rose Funeral vinyl pressing. I know I never thought I’d see the day!

And in traditional Wax Vessel fashion, I had to go all out. Crucify Kill Rot will be limited to 300 copies only, over five incredible variants:

50 Mystery "Hideous Creation" Mage
50 "Buried Amongst The XXX" Mage
50 Infinity "Sledgehammer" Splatter Mage
50 Orange-Tinted PVC with Red and Black "State of Splatter"
100 Transparent Red with Black "Godless Splatter"

You read that correctly. THREE WAX MAGE VARIANTS and the /100 is a splatter. Individually numbered in gold foil, in 1.5x thickness matte cardstock. Mofi archival inner sleeves and full color matte lyric inserts.

Art is once again by the incredible Ben Hoagland Art & Design LLC. So happy to have his spin on yet another iconic cover! Audio has been re-worked by Third Eye Studios from the lossless sources, and mastered for vinyl.

These will go live on July 6th at 1:00pm CST at www.waxvessel.com

These are a preorder, and will be shipping when they’re done. I would guess late September, but I’m going to say late October just so expectation are clear. Wax Mage variants are hand made, and take like 5x the cycle time. They are not quick to manufacture, so I appreciate the patience in advance!