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Robinson - The Great City


WV004 - ROBINSON ‘The Great City’

After a decade of being a legendary scene collectible, Robinson is finally here on vinyl for the first and last time!

The art was meticulously re-imagined by the band and brought to life by Benjamin Hoagland Art & Design. Robinson opted to really rework the art – a whole new “black and white” color scheme portraying stylized versions of the classic characters on the original cover. Hints of brown sneak in, alluding to the original. Overall, it’s brighter, more legible, and just incredible!

In juxtaposition to the muted cover, we went all out on the variants. Our first, “Rise and Grind” is our take on the burning city on the cover. We wanted to tie in the colors of flames to really pop against the B&W cover. (Un)Fortunately, it really kind of turned out like a sunny side up egg! Dash of hot sauce on there and everything! The second, a classic brown and black swirl for maximum fidelity, and an homage to the brown on the original cover. if you look closely, you'll find inclusions of red, green, and lots of other "oil slick" qualities. Definitely a sleeper variant.

All of this housed in trademark WV packaging:

Hand foiled, sequential numberingHeavyweight, matte cardstock jacketsHoly-lined inner sleevesHand-laid variants

- 100 on frosted clear with yellow blob and red splatter (Rise and Grind)

- 100 on brown/black swirl (Oil Slick)

- 5 test presses on black

- 6 wax mage copies

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