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OH! - Tentees


Buckle in, this will require a longer writeup than most! It’s another MySpace legend lost to time. A genre defining band with no physical release. One body of work that people still talk about today. WV014 is OH! Motherfuckers!

I really do think this album deserves a place in the WV annals. It encompasses so many things that I love to do with WV. It’s prototypical and still bleeding edge. While everyone else was getting more melodic and adding riffs, OH! went the “hardcore” progression of deathcore. It’s ignorant throw down music! This release is the ultimate dichotomy. Think of the layers of irony involved in putting something as fleeting as Tentees on a forever format like vinyl - it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning!

WV has always been about preserving history. You might ask “should OH be preserved?” And the answer to that is an emphatic yes. Like all of us in our younger years, a lot of these bands and artists had some growing pains. I’ll say it here like I say it in the CW on the lyric insert: yeah, there are some homophobic slurs tossed around. Some transphobia as well. But I do think context is important, and this was around the time that Vin Diesel called someone a f*ggot on screen in the first Fast and The Furious.

The band regrets it, everyone does. But I’m not pressing OH! to make an edgleord statement or something. It’s bad lyrically. No excuses! But! I kind of treat my job here at WV as an anthropologist. This is 2008 preserved in amber. This is as close to the raw energy and fun we were all having at basement shows in the early aughts. I mean look at the laundry list of what they packed in to this quick little five song EP:

•“Invented” the Blegh

•“Invented” the OH!



•Gang vocals


•Hardcore/rap fusion/aesthetic

•Mosh calls

•Samples before breakdowns


•Raw machismo aggression


•2 step


•Inside jokes


•MySpace layout/image culture

Anyway, I hope everyone can view this EP through the lens that I do. It’s gross, it’s fun, it’s completely ironic that an EP like this is on vinyl. If nothing else, it’s a hilarious exercise in frivolity. It’s the counterpoint to all the Destroyer Deatroyers and MAHCIUs. MySpace was an ecosystem, and I think it’s important that all subsections are represented if this label is to represent the time period.

So please enjoy the most ridiculous thing WV will ever do. Thank you for Indulging me. I worry this might be me flying too close to the sun here. Does my hubris know no bounds? Am I really going to assume people are going to buy a $30 OH! record? Arrogance! But! For all it’s tongue in cheek fun, Tentees really does make you want to spin kick your room in half. It’ll be a one time pressing of 200 units across three way too nice variants:

50 “Tentee” Flashing-Melt Nebula Wax Vessel Signature

50 “Bloodseeker” Orchid XXX Wax Vessel Signature

100 “Juggalo Swirl” PVC overmelt swirl

All of this housed in: 1.5x thickness, matte, heavy cardstock sleeve. Archival inner sleeves. Individually sequential gold foil numbering. Double sided matte lyric insert Stuffed in polybags. Download codes included.