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Merch Vessel - Beanie


We figured if we were ever going to throw the Merch Vessel logo on something, it needed to be something that we stood by, and wore ourselves, and this beanie is the one. We tried countless options, and this one was our tried and true.

Never to be printed again!

These beanies are 100% acrylic, so they have some stretch. With a handmade leather patch on the front, these are clean. If it fits my head, it'll fit yours! Super warm and cozy with a 9" length while cuffed.

Again, this is our least favorite part of this, please allow some time for these to be produced and shipped. We've been estimating 5 weeks, but on a few it's exceeded that. We thank you endlessly for your patience as we wait for our supplies to recover from everything. We're moving on these as fast as possible, and we'll try to keep everyone in the loop!

Because these are printed to order, we are unfortunately unable to accept any refunds or exchanges on items. Thank you for your understanding.

Available until Friday, January 1st at 12pm CST.