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Me And Him Call It Us - Epilogue


I’m sure you can all understand why this is WV010S, and why it has been so difficult for me to keep under wraps.

It’s the complete works of Me and him call it us. I’m proud to present Epilogue. And yes, this is the new band official Facebook!

Obviously one of the most formative bands in the entire genre, MAHCIU (as if they need the intro) pioneered the sound that we’re all such a big fan of today. They're the perfect representation of techgrind/emoviolence. And until now, the band has been one of the most elusive as well.

It was a feat to track down the members and get them all to agree. But this is 100% sanctioned and every band member has a hand in this release. Aaron, Kai and I have been working on this release literally daily for a year to get this ready for today. I’m so happy you can all finally see the fruits of our labor!

I honestly don’t know where to start with this. Not only is it the #1 band I wanted to do when I first started this label, but it came out beyond my wildest dreams. All I can say is that I’m so incredibly thankful the Aaron and the rest of MAHCIU trusting me to handle this release. I promised it would be pressed without compromise, and this is what happens when you make a promise like that.

Let’s break this announcement in to a few parts:

The art and packaging is just the most next level thing I’ve ever seen (and I’m a professional record consumer). Everything is 100% custom and considered. From the custom oil painting by Michael Lierly that was scanned in at a museum preservation center for the exterior art, to the Douglas Walker original that was fully custom made to work with this layout (thank you Doug, please check out his work at Douglas Walker - artist) this entire release is purpose built.

All the fonts were created by hand by Kai at Lab 13 and scanned in. Every material property and texture is real. The band hand wrote lyrics. Created new artwork. Kai remastered old artwork. New scans. Every shred of material from a “digital border” has been assembled into a 72 page booklet of insane polish and proportion. The logo was redone. Their old releases scanned in and digitized. The old myspace layouts recreated. It’s exhaustive.

The albums have been remastered, then mastered for vinyl. Bedroom demos and for the first time ever Friends Applaud has its full track list in a physical release. No expense was spared as a studio was hired to correct tracks and demos. You’ve never heard any of this material like this before.

For the first time, Wax Vessel has built the packaging from scratch. All of this goodness is housed in a fully custom, reinforced M-Pack true double gatefold. Everything is matte. Extra wide spine and fully printed inserts. Housed in custom width sleeves. And now for the fun part -

This collection of every possible bit of MAHCIU material will be presented on 300 copies of some of the most insane 3xLP variants you’ve seen. The breakdown will be as follows:

30 Innocent Bystanders Watched In Horror As Peter Jennings Drew His Sick Mage Variant
50 A Splatter Is A Hard Thing To Come By These Days
50 There Is No Question Mark Button On This Variant
100 robot carcass
100 pallbearer

And as always, it will be sequentially numbered on this one and only time pressing. That’s right! MAHCIU in its entirety, for the first and only time.

Preorders will go live on June 1st at 1:00pm CST at www.waxvessel.com. Pricing will be $105 for the set, plus priority insured shipping (not risking these getting mangled in media mail). These will enter full production today (plating has already started). I expect a ship date of early September, but I’m saying October to allow me some buffer.