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I Declare War - Amidst The Bloodshed


I never thought that running this dumbass label would bring me to such great heights. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my sphere of influence would expand to include LITERAL I DECLARE WAR! 

How to even sum this band up? Do they need any introduction? Like, did you never watch a single breakdown video in 2008? Is deathcore sexy?? I Declare War is ICONIC and you’re going to listen to me ramble! 

Remember when, like, YouTube was a thing? You saw Huber slamming gutturals over tracks like I Declare Goddess? Amidst The Bloodshed is just scene deathcore exemplar. Just the absolute best example of never ending breakdowns with ridiculous blast beats and RIFFS. I mean obviously you all agree - look where IDW is right now. Still fucking killing it a decade later! 

This is the crown jewel of the WV deathcore block. Of course it’s a coin flip for ultimate scene supremacy against Rose Funeral, but you’d be hard pressed to find an album with a bigger legacy than Amidst The Bloodshed. Not to make it all about the vocals, but Huber really set the stage for what could be done vocally within the burgeoning deathcore genre of the time. And those clicky blasts just permeated everything. I rememebr being blown away by how other-worldy everyting sounded. Those weedely guitars just noodled and chugged chad the technical prowess that still inspires. It was a couple of “dudes” just making mean music. Almost nothing was more fun! 

I’m not sure if you’ve seen Evan (the original guitarist’s) Instagram, but there is an IDW museum. He’s doing the hrs work of cataloging the early years of this band - and what better way to do the music than 300 pieces of immortal vinyl! I’m sure you know that Compton presses these CDs originally, and they’re somewhat of a collectors item (thanks Compton!). This is truly what WV I’d all about - turning a legendary scene collectible in to a collectible record. Eternal preservation. A little bit of time back in the spotlight. Some guttural nostalgia! 

This album got a couple of facelifts for our process here! With the help of the original band members, audio was remixes and remastered for vinyl by Third Eye Studios and sounds NONSENSICAL. Youve never heard it like this before. To quote: 

“SGood! I got some stereo width added, did some low end magic, and threwe on a new maste buss compressor/limiter that adds just a little bit of upper mid color. Tracks had a surprising amount of headroom to work with. It’s really apparent and solid.” 

Artwork is revamped once again by the incredible Ben. We tried to retain all the iconic elements, but make it grittier and set it apart. Lots of little details to enjoy! Including a full insert with lyrics and a write up from the band! 

All of this across five incredible Signature Series variants: 

50 “God Has No Place Within This Variant” Mystery Wax Vessel Signature

50 “Amidst The Bloodshed” Reverse Centerburst Splatter Wax Vessel Signature

50 “Whoop Dat Disc” Partymonster Wax Vessel Signature 

50 “Now You’re Going To Be Splattered” Double Splatter 

100 “Frosted” PVC Overmelt Swirl 

All of this housed in:

1.5x thickness, matte, heavy cardstock sleeve.

Archival inner sleeves.

Individually sequential gold foil numbering.

Stuffed in polybags.

Download codes included.

These go live Friday, August 7th at 1:00pm CST

That’s it! Everything will be $30 as usually, and ship later this year! I’m guessing December? These signature series variants do take a little extra lead time - but if you saw 2 O’Clock Girlfriend I’m sure you’ll think they’re worth it! 

Enjoy! The band and I couldn’t be more excited!