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From A Second Story Window - Let This World Swallow Us


I think this can be/has to be a yearly tradition, as these M-Pack releases take more than a year to do. Between the eight panels of art, eights sides of audio, and countless hours of back and forth at the plant, these big boxes are the best that I know how to offer (at a one-a-year type price point). I feel confident doing another, longer, bigger one because of the reception to MAHCIU, and I’m happy it went that way it did, because I can’t be more excited to tell you about WV045S - From A Second Story Window! Ah!!!!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen - buckle up for four LPs of the most formative, early 2000s MySpace that the scene had to offer. I almost don’t even know what to say because this band literally needs no introduction. In addition to being one of the most requested bands, they’re also a personal favorite of mine. I’m so honored to be able to present “Let This World Swallow Us” - a 4XLP comprehensive discography experience. It had effectively every piece of music ever written and recorded by FASSW on vinyl for the first and only time!

I’m going to spend less time on “here’s why you should check out this band” than I would on other posts, just because FASSW is a titan. I’d rather talk about being a teenager and going to FYE and stumbling across a copy of One Word with a FFO sticker on it, picking it up on a whim and being BLOWN AWAY. This material is some of the most influential music ever made during the period. I would go as far to say a household name.

FASSW is your favorite band’s favorite band. Their legacy stretches past mathcore and early sass - it’s a testament to musicianship and vision. Forged in the cold landscape of early social media. Everything I’m saying just sounds like a cliché at this point, I know, but listening to FASSW mature and release album after album of evocative and evolving material was one of the first “MySpace Legacy Band” experiences I’ve had. They’re up there with greats that blessed the halls of Hot Topic, haha.

One of the greatest honors of running this label is meeting your heroes and collaborating to make something that can transcend time and the scene. LTWSU is a genre defining release, and a tent pole release for me. I could not be more happy with the work Joe, Sean, Guy, and everyone from the band has put in to making this a reality. We first spoke back in May 2019 to give you some context on how long this has been percolating!

But you all know about the music and why One Word/Delenda are some of the most seminal albums ever released. I think in the vein of what makes these sets special is what’s on LP4 - all of the bands demos and pre-pros from before FASSW (when they still went be Aphasia). It’s a treasure trove of content that you’ve probably never heard before, and really bookends FASSW as you know them. It’s been such an honor working with the band to mine all this audio content, you’re going to love it!

All the audio was combed over one again by the masterful Zach Sebastian at Third Eye Studios. He brought this to life in the same way he did for MAHCIU, and I can’t be more excited to have you listen to it!

The great thing about these big M-Packs is that while the music is what it’s all about, the packaging gets to stand on its own and make a statement as well. I’m so excited to show you the eight panel M-Pack that Ethan Lee McCarthy from PRIMITIVE MANHell Simulation had free reign with!

If you know me, you’ll know that ELM is someone who I respect so much as an artist. I love all the P//M art so much, and had been dying to find a project that would fit within his wheelhouse. The FASSW discography was a great opportunity to really play up texture and color and anatomical form (really all of ELM’s strong suits). The cover and packaging for “Let This World Swallow Us” harkens back to every original album cover in a way - drawing Inspiration from the color palettes and forms. This M-Pack is pure aesthetic - and really gives FASSW the brooding, mature art feeling that I think captures the bands discography.

This will be the same proportion as the MAHCIU pack, but with another LP instead of the booklet. Let’s just say that only Mitch from Dance Club Massacre
has matched Aaron’s digital hoarding skills, haha. But while we don’t have 72 pages of content, there this an insert per record with hand drawn lyrics/tabs and tons of photos! The packaging itself is covered in lyrics and notes. It’s a full immersive package!

Also for the first time on the M-Pack series, the reverse sides of the packaging will be printed as well (no visible white paper). It’s going to be a sick “all black everything” effect! Not to mention it will be sealed and packed in the same way as well. It’s comparable to the MACHIU pack, but with a slightly different level of opulence. What it lacks in books of content, it makes up for in Signature Series 4XLP variants!

That’s right! This 4xLP set will follow the standard WV variant breakdown now. 50/50/50/50/130. And when I say there’s going to be Sigs, you can bet that while it probably won’t be like 50 of a 4xLP version of a chromaburst (Heath if you’re reading this I promise you don’t have to do 200) they’re going to be handmade and over the top. The image on this promo is not a mock-up- just showing that there are 4 LPs. This thing is going to be INSANE.

This release will be on 4xLPs, over five insane variants:


50 DEAD HOPE (Wax Vessel Signature)
50 HEAR THIS (Wax Vessel Signature)
50 YOU DO VOODOO (Wax Vessel Signature)
130 APHASIAL (Natural PVC Swirl)


All of this housed in:
1.5x thickness, matte, heavy cardstock eight panel M-Pack
Reverse-board printing
Archival inner sleeves.
Four double sided matte inserts
Individually sequential gold foil numbering.
Stuffed in polybags and reinforced for shipping
Download codes included.

I love this label and the community around it. I think that while it’s limited to 330, this will create such a cool, special item that only this community could deliver at this price point. I think being able to forgo huge profits or commercial/universal accessibility has really allowed the band and WV to create a truly unique item that I know you’re going to love!

So please, join me on 2/22 at 1:00pm CST for the preorder of FASSW. These will ship in 2021, albeit very late in the year. Check out the digital remasters on bandcamp. Pour over the cover. Tell a friend. Rediscover FASSW. I hope you’re as excited as I am!