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Duck Duck Goose - Noise, Noise, and More Noise

The hits keep coming I swear! Every day I have to keep pinching myself! WV015 is the mighty Duck Duck Goose!

I bet you all though WV didn’t have it any more, huh? That it was a deathcore label? That I had forgotten the sassy roots? I’m kicking off and incredible rest of the year with one of the most influential scene albums of all time: Noise, Noise and More Noise! It’s been given a “multiple of 5” catalog number designation if that says anything about the gravity of this album!

I’m sure many of you can relate to this album in the way I can. It was one of those seminal listening experiences for me. Right when I was discovering that music could be heavy AND fun. This was my most spun out of Blood Brothers, HHLL, HLD, all the big kind of “pseudo-screamed, non-dissonant” bands. Absolutely one of the most dynamic records of the time. And at this point I’m not even sure who this writeup is for, like everyone knows DDG!

And lets not forget this artwork!

And speaking of, you’ll notice that there is a bit of a twist with this release. I saw that DDG was looking at doing some records. Obviously I had to jump on that, haha. But! They wanted them for a run of shows and not for them to be sold in a webstore. They also wanted to do their own art. Just really kind of a “huh, well, uh, let’s see what we can do then” type of situation haha as that’s not the typical WV setup!

So the solution: two completely separate releases.

200 with artwork done to WV direction by Ben Hoagland. Signature series variants. Foil numbering. Webstore “WV edition” of the DDG drop.

100 with the bands artwork. Tour variant (natural PVC with black swirl).

Different jackets - NOT ALT COVERS. Completely separate production. Different center labels. Like, truly a bifurcated WV release with the same music.

The 200 WV copies go to paying for the 100 “tour” copies outright. Band can sell those however they wish. But still no represses!

The final breakdown is:

30 “The Wonderful Wizard of Signature Series” Tri-Melt Transparent Chroma Wax Vessel Signature

70 “Oh Boy, This Is a Wiz Variant” Wax Vessel Signature

100 “Swirl, Swirl and More Swirl” Clearwater Blue with Yellow Smoke Swirl.

100 Duck Duck Goose “Sgt. Swirl” Natural PVC with Black Swirl “Tour Variant.”

All of this housed in:
1.5x thickness, matte, heavy cardstock sleeve.
Archival inner sleeves.
Individually sequential gold foil numbering.
Stuffed in polybags.
Download codes included.
And these will be in hand and shipping immediately! No preorder!

These will go live on September 14th at 1:00pm CST.