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Dr. Acula - S.L.O.B.


WV007 - DR. ACULA ‘S.L.O.B.’

Where to even start with this. Obviously it needs no introduction, but if for some reason you’re unfamiliar with this seminal release, Dr. Acula basically invented this goofy, keyboard driven, sample-core, proto-deathcore, MySpace sound. It’s artful, emotive, over the top and completely goofy. It’s a fucking trip, and now you can have a $300, long out of print CD on VINYL in two incredible variants.

We wanted to kick off Dr. Acula’s reunion show in a big way. Originally, ALL copies of these were going to be show exclusives to make it intimate, special, and not mess with our "one release a month" thing. But we know there are a lot of fans that aren't going to make it. So rather than have you pay flipper prices after the show sells out on Discogs, we will have a few of these online for 24 hours only!

TO REITERATE: Any copies of the 150 we're making available today that don't sell out in 24 hours we will be selling exclusively at the show. Cop now or forever hold your peace!

We have a CRAZY limited infinity splatter variant out of 50 that will be a show exclusive. And for everyone else, we have 150 of the most gorgeous purple/blue swirl you’ve ever seen. One time pressing. This is it. And if the variants don’t get you excited, how about this new artwork from Ben Hoagland

Our goal was to stay true to the original artwork, but punch it up for 2019. It’s way more brutal, and now way brighter and more legible. But we preserved the goosebumps font, and all the whimsy.

I cannot stress this enough, this is real and it’s one time. It was a monumental effort! If you're new to the whole "Wax Vessel" thing, these are one-time only presses. Forever. From any source, on any format! So don’t miss your chance to grab a “How I Got My Splatter Variant” at the show, and a fabulous “Monster Blood” blurple online. All of these are housed in traditional WV goodness:

High quality, matte, extra thick jackets

Sequential gold foil numbering

Poly-lined archival inner sleeves

All new art

Vinyl mastered full-bit audio

Hand-laid variants