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Destroyer Destroyer - Littered With Arrows


WV003 - DESTROYER DESTROYER ‘Littered With Arrows’

-RIP Jamie-

Hopefully this album needs no introduction. This is it. This is the entire era wrapped up with a bow. I think it's literally the tent-pole, flagship, quintessential MySpace mathcore/techgrind release. It's Destroyer Destroyer's “Littered With Arrows" for the first and ONLY time on vinyl. And oh boy, let me tell you about this vinyl. But first, let me gush about this album more:

Littered is such a classic because it's one of the few albums from the period that was truly “recorded.” It’s an album. It’s cohesive and tells a story – and sounds killer doing it. It retains all the animosity and ferocity of their earlier work (and they even rerecorded the classic songs AND made them work in the new album’s context. Incredible), while still not being too polished like some bands from the period. Its blistering. A swansong. A love letter to the genre and to all of us. I'm so happy I get to live in a timeline where this albums exists.

With all that in mind, we knew we had to do something truly special for this release. Not only are there three variants, but one of them is a no-compromise audiophile variant. Natural PVC without any additives for optimal listening (not to mention it matches). We went this route because we were able to secure the tracks in the full-bit WAVs, and put a sexy vinyl master on it. Make no mistake: these aren’t fashion records, they’re designed to sound incredible. We also have an opulent hand-laid split splatter, and a double transparent splatter (death to solid color vinyl). Top it all off with a matching Wax Mage variant, and you’ve got 200 copies of pure MySpace bliss. The breakdown is as follows:

- 30 on antifreeze green half n’ half split in ultraclear, with natural PVC “Roadkill” splatter

- 70 on transparent neon green with opaque black “Beaten Path” splatter

- 100 on natural “Presidential” PVC

- 5 test presses on black

- 5 wax mage copies

I don’t think you’ll find anyone in a “grown up” metal band that hasn’t heard this album. It’s seminal. It takes everything they did on “Dead Sleep” and cranks it to 11. So please, be a part of history and grab one of these for your future kids to listen to. It’s that important. Even if no one bought this, I’d still press it just so I could have a copy for myself.

All of this waxy goodness is housed in the typical WV fashion:

Heavyweight matte sleevesSequential gold foil numbering. Art by the incredible Ben Hoagland. Archival, poly-lined inner sleeves. Vinyl mastered tracks from full-bit master tracks, and so on.

No delay, shipping Immediately. Don’t miss your one chance to grab the album Lambgoat famously called “intolerable.” We will be putting a test pressing and a wax mage up for auction (similar to Dead Sleep) a little bit later. And if you haven’t already, complete the set with our beautiful version of ‘Dead Sleep’ available in the store as well.

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