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Dance Club Massacre - Feast Of The Blood Monsters


WV008 - Dance Club Massacre/Feast of the Blood Monsters

That’s right! For the FIRST and ONLY time on vinyl we’re excited to bring you the fabulous “Feast of the Blood Monsters” in all its glory! Featuring striking new artwork (with a bit of a twist) and the full remixed/remastered version (plus 2 bonus tracks!) of FOTBM on three incredible variants!

For this release, the pressing breakdown for WV008 is as follows:

-100 on “San Antonio” tan, red and black swirl

-50 on “Murders Come on Wax Mage” blood cobweb (you won’t believe this variant)

-50 on transparent tan with extreme red and black “Dynamite” splatter

5 test presses on black
5 wax mage copies

All housed in the traditional WV packaging suite. Thick matte cardboard jackets, foil numbering, and incredible artwork by Ben Hoagland once again!

This release was so important for is to do. DCM was one of those bands that “made it” and we couldn’t be happier to kick off our “proto-Deathcore” release block with this classic!

I mean, this album sums up the MySpace mentality for me perfectly. It was released on Black Market Activities Records/Metal Blade (awesome), the band is just over-the-top fun, and there’s a breakdown with a pipe organ in it!

We spared no expense, and collaborated tirelessly with the band to make sure this is a complete encapsulation of their vision for the album on vinyl. So share this around, get excited, because DANCE CLUB MASSACRE will be hitting December!