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Wax Vessel - Legacy Sticker Pack (100)

The teeth stickers with the records has become one of my favorite parts of the whole process. It's a shame that these releases have gone so long without the proper treatment. For the first and last time, collect all the old favorites. These come in a hand numbered and labeled storage tin just like the big boy pack.

Never to be made again!

Everything Partisan Turbine and before is represented here : The Heartland, Destroyer Destroyer (x2!), The Sawtooth Grin, Robinson, Tower Of Rome, Dr. Acula, A Black Rose Burial, Dance Club Massacre, Cloacal Kiss, 2 O'Clock Girlfriend, and The Partisan Turbine. There will be a few extra fun things tossed in these as well!

These have already been acquired and printed, so they should be shipping out within the next week!

Because these are printed to order, we are unfortunately unable to accept any refunds or exchanges on items. Thank you for your understanding.

Available Friday, June 25th at 1pm CST.