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Cloacal Kiss - Easter


Let’s talk about this band, and why it was so important to get “Easter” on wax!

As I’m sure most have you have read at some point in a WV interview or something, the early 2000s were kind of lawless, pioneer times. We had the internet and the birth of social media. Home recording existed as a real option for most musicians. Napster (limewire) was everywhere, and MySpace had a media player plugin. It was easier than ever to create a band more niche than could ever have existed in your local scene. CK is the culmination of that time for me. It’s the convergence of the MySpace mentality - creating music for a true international audience for the first time.

MySpace was the first time that something like CK could exist in my opinion. All these talented people creating music for themselves. And get this - you didn’t even need a full band anymore (i get that there was a full band at one point, but those drums on Easter are iconic)! Of course CK didn’t “invent” cyber grind, but looking back on it they were certainly pioneers. You no longer had to have 5 dudes and a 4track to make music anymore! And the result speaks for itself I think.

What Cloacal Kiss created was so harsh, so niche and so unlistenable that it couldn’t have existed before the internet. It’s peak grind for all the reasons that people like grind. It’s unapologetic and exists solely out of power of will. Nothing but respect for these pioneers.

And what better way to do justice to a decade old cyber grind project than to put it on vinyl! And this vinyl is probably one of the most cohesive, beautiful sets Wax Vessel has put out. Drink it in! Easter will come on three variants, spread over 200 units. The breakdown is as follows:

100 on “Easter Swirl” natural PVC with yellow inclusion.
70 on “Necroburst” ultraclear with yellow and white nebula (this is a Mage variant)
30 on “Makeshift Pinwheel Receptacle” white pinwheel on transparent yellow, with brown splatter.
5 test presses on black
5 wax mage copies

All of this housed in:
1.5x thickness, matte, heavy cardstock sleeve.
Archival inner sleeves.
Individually sequential gold foil numbering.
Stuffed in polybags.
Artwork again by Ben Hoagland Art & Design LLC

It has been remastered, and mastered for vinyl as well from the master tracks.

I’m so excited for you to see these in person! It’s been an absolute dream getting to work with these guys on this project. I hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

Again, these go up Monday, March 16th at 1:00pm CST - seeya then!