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A Black Rose Burial - An Awakening Of Revenants


For everyone who said they wanted more heavy – well here is the pinnacle of MySpace deathcore! For WV009, we PROUDLY present A Black Rose Burial!

That’s’ right! THE biggest underground band of the genre (maybe ever) for the first and ONLY time on vinyl this month! But before we get in to the pressing details, how about a little context (not that you need it, I’m sure).

ABRB is one of those bands that instantly transports me back to like 2008. They are the ultimate embodiment of the online deathcore scene. From the samples, to the breakdowns – everything just hit in the right way. You’ve probably heard a song of theirs in a breakdown video at some point! When people think MySpace deathcore, ABRB is what they think. You’d be hard pressed to find a midwestern teenager that wasn’t shouting along to “shoot it in the head!” while driving to a Taco Bell at 11:00pm – or maybe that was just me?

Because of the cultural/scene impact of this release, I knew we had to do something big for this. Let’s start with the art: this is a brand new take on the iconic original demo art. Same colors, same zones, same feel/energy – but with all new subject matter. I think this is an incredible, modern, tasteful take on the OG art, and was once again done by the incredible Benjamin Hoagland Art & Design. It’s sprawling, mature, and really kind of brooding I think. One of my favorites!

Now on to the music. I PROMISE you have never heard this album like this before. We got this pressed from the master tracks, volume matched and re-mastered for vinyl. It sounds INSANE. It made me realize that I had only every heard hxcmp3 rips of these songs, and never experienced this in full quality. I’m sure a lot of you are the same.

For everyone wondering, this is the release we ran in to some mechanical licensing issues with. The intro track was literally recreated note for note so we could still get this pressed (only difference is that Devil’s Rejects sample is gone on the intro track). I know it’s a slightly revision to history, but I think the trade off of removing that to get this on a physical format was worth it. There will be a fully lossless, all samples digital download included with the vinyl though! So, the vinyl absolutely is a “physical copy only mix” of the songs.

Art and music, check! That just brings us to the actual records themselves.

50 on “Baleful Bouquet” XXX mega-merge (this is a wax mage variant).
50 on “Epidemic” coke-bottle clear with HEAVY red bloodsplatter and black inclusion.
100 on “Metallic Awakening” crushed metal flake metallic silver nebula.
5 test presses on black
5 wax mage copies

All of this housed in:
1.5x thickness, matte, heavy cardstock sleeve.
Archival inner sleeves.
Individually sequential gold foil numbering.
Stuffed in polybags.
Download codes included.

I’m so excited for you to see the fruits of all this. It’s probably one of the most in-depth, ground-up releases we’ve had! The band has been fully involved and approves all the samples, art, everything! I think it’s a great representation of ABRB in 2020. It’s such an incredible album, and the fact that this FINALLY gets to see a physical release is just so awesome. Thanks again to everyone in ABRB for trusting WV with this amazing album!