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The Sawtooth Grin - Good

Who would have that that if you nostalgia’d hard enough that it would actually bring the past back? What if I told you that all of you did it. The Sawtooth Grin is back with a new EP! New members, new material, new release, new merch, new tours, new EVERYTHING! Welcome to peak revival! Sawtooth is BACK!

The Sawtooth Grin needs no introduction, but this material needs a bit. It’s the classic Sawtooth sound but with IMMACULATE production quality. Its truly a 2022 album, its insane. They’ve folded so many talented musicians in to the mix, while still exalting Rich and Jason. It’s 100% Sawtooth, and 100% not what you’re expecting, while simultaneously being everything you want. I know its hard to top Cudlemonster, but this is exactly how you’d want a Sawtooth comeback to sound.

Art was handled by the legendary Shintaro Kago who you might be familiar with if you’re a manga fan. We were going for a more surreal take on “the suburban dream” and broaching themes of parenthood in a sawtooth-adjacent way.

“Good.” was written and arranged over long distances and timelines, in sickness and in health by The Sawtooth Grin:
Jason Springman: Guitars, composition, arrangement.
Rich Lombardi - All Vocals, lyrics, Accordion, album layout, photography and graphic design.
Jon Karel: Drums, percussion, composition, arrangement, assistant editor, assistant mix engineer.
DJ Scully: Bass, long guitar.
“Good.” Was recorded at Backroom Studios in February and August of 2022.
Kevin Antreassian - Recording engineer, mix-engineer, mastering engineer.
Simon Ficken - Assistant Engineer.

“GOOD” is something new for WV. It’s the introduction of the BFN or “Brand Fuckin New” series of releases. I wanted to be able to offer bands getting back in with new material a platform to make some actual money. As much as I love 300 copies, Sawtooth wanted to be able to pay for the entire process of making this new material with this release. So we’re doing something a little bit different here: A 300 piece “WV run” of the standard opulence, and two “unlimited” variants that will be up for two weeks. There will be a swirl record and a 180g Natural PVC Audiophile variant up in the store long after the first 300 sell out. However many are sold in the two week period is how many I’ll make. And then, you guessed it, no represses! That’s right! Sawtooth is back with a vinyl only, no represses new album. Insane. IF they sell 350 then that’s it. If they sell more, even better for them. I want the boys to have the kind of album drop they never had back in the day. I know I don’t have great like, modern infrastructure. Deathwish would have been a better label choice. I don’t have a press pack. But I’m hoping enough of you here give a shit and can share a post to make this worth it for Sawtooth.

I’m so happy that not only has Sawtooth worked with me on their old stuff, but liked it enough to do this process with me again on a new album. I know this is kind of the antithesis of WV, but like, I’d do anything for Sawtooth, haha. I hope you can find something to enjoy on this new kind of setup! The limited copies will be just as limited, and then some “plain” ones to not gatekeep a new album. Tell a friend! This album was just finished, but I knew this was coming and placed the order well in advance. A pressing spot has been locked in while I waited for audio and art.
So while it will be a preorder, it won’t be like, two years by any means. It will be long! But not unreasonable!

Additionally, the digital album is up NOW! You can go over to the WV bandcamp and listen/buy the digital album immediately. Will be on streaming momentarily as well. It’s a full new album roll out baby!

I’m so honored that Sawtooth wanted to work with me again on something like this, and I’m so thankful that WV is at a place where I can do something like this for a band we all love. Thanks in advance for your support, and I hope you enjoy GOOD!