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Eighty Thousand Dead - Human Compost Heap

This one-time pressing is limited to 305 copies across five variants:

50 Sigperial Tyranny (Wax Vessel Signature)
50 Spinal Reconsiguration (Wax Vessel Signature)
50 Masticating the Severed Sigtremities (Wax Vessel Signature)
100 Gangrenous Splatter
5 Golden Mage

All of this housed in:
1.5x thickness Matte single pocket jackets
Double sided matte full color insert
Black polylined innersleeves
Gold foil numbering
Stuffed into polybags
Hype Sticker’d
Custom WV Mailers
Matching WV Album art sticker

These are en route to us, and shipping soon! Orders go live this Friday at 1:00pm CST. This is absolutely my favorite kind of release do to – a big discogs, soaked in lore. Never on any kind of physical format/etc. Just so much fun. Thanks again to James and the whole 80k team for working with me on this! And make sure you check out Delusional Parasitosis!